LFT404 Схема «Seaside Faith Family Friends» Stoney Creek

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Продукция компании Stoney Creek (США)

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Stitch count 163w x 85h, approximately 11 3/4″ x 6″ on 14ct. Model stitched on 32ct raw natural with blue dots Petit Point Belfast over 2 threads. Weeks Dye Works 1191 Sage (DMC sub 3364) is used in addition to DMC colors white, 310, 415, 471, 472, 676, 677, 729, 746, 762, 813, 814, 816, 823, 824, 827, 828, 934, 3362, 3371 and 3781. The model is embellished with Mill Hill 00479 White Seed Beads and one Antique Gold Cross charm. Optional embellishments are extra small and small seagull buttons — 1 each. 

*This design was originally published in the out of print Spring 2015 issue of the Stoney Creek Magazine.   

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