BK375 Буклет «Christmas at Home» Stoney Creek

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Продукция компании Stoney Creek (США)

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Five Christmas designs including the 2006 Santa Plate and annual Christmas stocking:
2006 Santa Christmas Plate
 (Santa holding ball and jack-in-the-box designed for 8″ crown plate) (96w x 98h Stitches)
Woodland Santa Stocking (Santa putting his hat on a snowman while a deer, fox, rabbit, cardinal and chickadees watch) (132w x 213h Stitches)
Peace & Goodwill (sampler style Christmas piece featuring bells, Christmas trees, and the Bible verse, «Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men») (127w x 211h Stitches)
Friendly Welcome (snowman, birdhouse & chickadee) (76w x 128h Stitches)
Christmas at Home (four blocks: «There’s No Place Like Home,» patchwork heart, Christmas tree, and «Especially at Christmas» that can be stitched separately or together as shown) (111w x 111h Stitches complete–designed for a square tray)

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